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Grease Destroyer MAXX has been formulated specifically for systems with a history of excessive FOG related problems. This powerful concentrate employs the effective FOG and odour control technology found in our GD MAXX products but at levels which allow for its use even in the most difficult of systems.

Regular use of GD MAXX will significantly redue noxious odours and also reduce costs associated with excessive grease loads.


  • Highly Concentrated
  • Reduces Grease trap pumping
  • Eliminates emergency service calls
  • Reduces sewer use charges
  • Ends back-ups and overflows
  • Avoids failed on-site systems
  • Effective, safe and economical
  • Enzyme free

GD MAXX should be used in high grease systems such as food processing, slaughterhouses or commercial establishments with larger volume trap systems. Establishments with 2000-4000litre traps outside the building (often with multi-chambered tanks or with pumps) should use GD MAXX. This product is three times more concentrated than other Grease Destroyer.


Small Traps: Apply 250ml daily for fist week then 100ml daily for maintenance.

Large Traps: Apply1Litre daily for fist week then 250ml daily for maintenance.

This product is most effective when applied at the end of the day or at least when water use is at a minimum. Apply through floor drain, sink or directly into the system manually or by a pump.

In situations where any plumbing or grease traps are in poor condition and are experiencing heavy loading or excessive build up, GD MAXXshould be used for 30 days to clean and restore the system then use Grease Destroyer for daily maintenance.

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