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Engineering Services | Team EMS

Engineering Services

engineering_servicesEMS is driven, very simply, by the need to deliver “real” client value. Knowing how to make or do something is one thing, integrating all services to deliver a solution is what differentiates EMS from the rest.

We focus on providing engineering solutions to meet or exceed customer expectations. We provide great value to organisations that need engineered solutions to enhance industrial and manufacturing processes.

EMS has the ability to take engineering concepts, designs and specifications and produce a finished system from sub-assembly components right through to fully operational electro-mechanical plants.

A key success to the EMS service is the integration of all the people in the process, so they own the process and work together to deliver a result to the client’s expectations.

There are 3 core reasons why EMS will continue to deliver customer value into the future.

  1. A Full- Service Offering

EMS believes that employing a broad range of skills with specialist machinery and equipment, all under the one roof is very important in delivering value to customers. To support their manufacturing capability, EMS offers computer automated design, project management, installation, commissioning and remote monitoring.

  1. Collaborative work styles

While EMS offers a full-service offering, it does not suffer from the “not-invented-here” factor. It has always recognised that the best outcomes for a customer generally are enhanced with full collaboration and importantly transparency, with people within the supply chain; consulting engineers, designers, regulators, end-users and of course the customer may be involved during the manufacture process.

  1. Fit-for-purpose people

The company believes that employing the right people, in the right places doing the right things, will assist in delivering what a customer really wants.

To EMS, the right people are down to earth and very practical, irrespective of whether they are Project Managers, Engineers, Tradesmen or Equipment Operators. They are expected to all be team players whether they are working at the manufacturing facility or on a customer site. They are always encouraged to think for themselves and where appropriate, be innovative.