Environmental Remediation Capabilities

EMS has the capability to undertake or provide solutions for soil and groundwater remediation works utilising the following technologies:

Groundwater Remediation

  • Skimming Systems
  • Portable Air Stripper and Blower Packages for Dissolved Hydrocarbons (AS)
  • Trailer Mounted Recovery Packages
  • Pump and Treat Containerised Systems
  • Multi-Phase Extraction (semi-permanent or mobile ) Systems
  • Water Treatment
    • Coagulation and Flocculation
    • Centrifugal and Coalescing Oil Water Separation
    • GAC
  • Off Gas Treatment

Soil Remediation

  • Soil Vapour Extraction (SVE)
  • Air Sparging (AS)
  • Biological
  • Chemical Injection
  • Off Gas Treatment
    • GAC
    • Catox or Thermox