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Maintenance Capabilities | Team EMS

Maintenance Capabilities

EMS offers a full- service maintenance capability

Outsourced Labour

The EMS staffing group is dedicated to the delivery of highly qualified, experienced and reliable contract labour such as Maintenance Engineers, Project Managers and Tradespeople (Mechanical and Electrical). EMS staff is generally employed to complement a customer maintenance team in times of planned downtime or in emergency situations. In some cases, our staff will be provided as a total turnkey solution over long contract periods when an organisation has determined it is appropriate to completely outsource its maintenance function.

Overall, the services delivered by EMS through its labour force are Engineering, Electrical and Mechanical.

Workshop Support

The EMS outsourced labour force is supported fully by the staff and equipment at the EMS machining and fabrication facility in Melbourne. This support becomes very important when maintenance equipment at the customer premises is not able to fulfil the requirements of the maintenance or parts replacement program.

Support Elements

  • People
  • Facilities
  • Equipment