About Us

You have a problem, EMS provides the solution.

Engineering & Maintenance Solutions (EMS) is an applied engineering company, with its roots as a mechanical engineering services company established in 2003.  The company has expanded its capability, knowledge and experience in such a way to provide our clients with the comfort we we will always deliver.

The three core businesses of EMS are Engineering Services, Environmental Remediation Services and Maintenance Services.  These businesses can at times become interdependent on each other, which allow EMS to deliver a much broader range of services to its customers.

Company History

Engineering and Maintenance Solutions – (EMS) is headquartered in Melbourne and provides leading edge Engineering and Maintenance Services to businesses across Australia and the Pacific.

Founded by Managing Director Mark Gabsch in 2003 as a result of his vision of wanting to provide a “one-stop-shop” for both Engineering and Maintenance Services that would result in “real time” solutions that could meet the full scope of customer needs, EMS continues today with a dedicated team of over 30 employees that provide a full range of services across a variety of industry sectors.

Company Values

Sustainable Business Practices

We ensure that we fully understand the client’s requirements and expectations before quoting and commencing a project. We are efficient with our time and materials usage. We strive to minimise rework to ensure on time delivery and achieve more than 90% Delivered In-Full On-Time on projects.

Honesty and Integrity

We are transparent, trustworthy and genuine in the way we conduct our business. We make decisions, provide information and act with honesty and integrity in everything we do.

Professional and Safety driven

We always act within the law, legislation and standards to ensure the viability of our business and that of our customers. We show regard and consideration for everyone we interact with. Our business is underpinned by a strong safety culture for both our employees and customers.

Passion and Quality

We deliver on time, within budget and to our clients expectations EVERY time. We are focused on continuous improvement. We acknowledge and celebrate our successes.


We will support community programs with a particular focus. One such program is One Voice (homeless youth) by providing Engineering and financial support in line with program objectives.

Fair and Reasonable

We make decisions that provide long term benefits to our business and that of our clients that are not always about making a profit but delivering a result that is fairly priced, of a high quality and completed on time.

Our people are paramount to delivering customer solutions

Our people are visionary, creative, proud, and dedicated with a common goal of providing the best solutions for our customers that exceed expectations while focusing on reducing costs without compromising quality.

Company Leadership

Established by Mark Gabsch in 2003, Engineering and Maintenance Solutions (EMS) now employs over 80 people with diversified skill sets and experience to give its customers and clients the most cost effective and efficient solution that meets  their individual needs.