Environmental Remediation Services

With a raft of technologies, EMS will apply the best technology to deliver a solution that meets regulatory requirements and long term benefits for the environment. Environmental remediation, in general presents challenges. These challenges are driven generally by:

Type of contamination

The substance that is contaminated

The current regulatory framework

The location of the contamination

The level of community concern

EMS is part of the value chain successfully meeting these challenges within Australia and into Asia.

In particular EMS operates in environments such as:

Manufacturing Sites

Service Stations

Fuel Depots

Hydrocarbon and Chemical Storage Depots

Refineries and Terminals

Mining Facilities


Paint, Chemical and other Liquid Manufacturing Facilities

Working primarily with Environmental Scientists and Environmental Engineers, EMS can assist in the design, manufacture, project management, installation, commissioning, remote monitoring and maintenance of remediation systems.

Real value is delivered through the practical hands-on experience EMS has acquired over many years of problem solving. While drawing on past experience, the team is continually looking to innovate or adopt emerging technologies and approaches that will achieve desired outcomes in a cost-effective manner

EMS focus on helping their customers minimise environment risks and hazards and also assist them to meet their environmental regulatory obligations both effectively and efficiently.

A collaborative work style has been consistently demonstrated with respect to its activities in Environmental Remediation – specifically groundwater and soil, where EMS is currently considered a subject matter expert for the manufacture of fixed and portable remediation systems.

Environmental Remediation Capabilities

EMS has the capability to undertake or provide solutions for soil and groundwater remediation works utilising the following technologies:

Groundwater Remediation

  • Skimming Systems
  • Portable Air Stripper and Blower Packages for Dissolved Hydrocarbons (AS)
  • Trailer Mounted Recovery Packages
  • Pump and Treat Containerised Systems
  • Multi-Phase Extraction (semi-permanent or mobile ) Systems
  • Water Treatment
    • Coagulation and Flocculation
    • Centrifugal and Coalescing Oil Water Separation
    • GAC
  • Off Gas Treatment

Soil Remediation

  • Soil Vapour Extraction (SVE)
  • Air Sparging (AS)
  • Biological
  • Chemical Injection
  • Off Gas Treatment
    • GAC
    • Catox or Thermox